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Gifts from the Children

There are many truly beautiful words, comments and praises shared by the wonderful young people I have had the privilege to work with.  Here are just a few who have shared their insight into how mindfulness helped them.

What the students have to say

“Breathing makes you calm down.” (age 7)

“When you are angry, just breathe.” (8)

“I think that mindfulness matters is very fun and what I like most is kindness.  I am better at learning.  For difficulty, I would admit that I cannot stay still.” (8)

Certificate day

certificate day

“I am now much better at concentrating and I notice that breathing will make my attention come back.” (9)

“I am now much better at concentrating and I notice that breathing will make my attention come back.” (9)

“I appreciate the fact that you have made me a more mindful person!” (10)

“I am now much better at concentrating and I notice that by taking breathers to accomplish tasks.” (10)

“When I’m stressed or angry I turn to my breathing and it helps, before the course I didn’t know breathing could help me.”  (10)

“It helps you discover that while you have thoughts and feelings you are not your thoughts and feelings.” (11)

“It (mindfulness) really helped me relax and let me concentrate on my work.” (14)

“What I liked about the course was how the exercises help me not just during class but I can use them all the time & anywhere. I think it (the course) went very well and helped me a lot to calm myself and to give me tips on how to deal with stress.” (16)

“Mindfulness helps me be more positive and stay healthy & happy.  I enjoyed learning new meditations that helped me cope with my illness.” (16)

mindful meditation in action

mindful meditation in action

silent group stick art - the finished product!

silent group stick art – the finished product!






our summer boys

our summer boys

mind body spirit week

Meditation during Mind Body Spirit week

And some of the parents

“my children learned a lot from your class, thank you so much.” 

“sometimes we (parents) forget that we are not ‘on’ everyday and can have bad days when we don’t get much done, yet somehow we expect that they (children) always have to be on, to do their homework, with their sports and other classes.  They too need ways to help deal with the pressures of this busy time.”

“I noticed a huge shift in calmness last night when the boys were home and even today after school, especially with Carl as he worries about everything!  I was quite surprised about some of the things they had written about their worries too.”

“My wife and I are very grateful for your help with Sean and for your considered and thoughtful comments throughout the two courses he’s taken.”

I see what he has experienced in a guided class and what he has learnt and taken away from that as the start of a toolbox which he can choose to dip into through the years – to help with asthma, breathing, sleeping, anxieties etc . I think these are the seeds which will grow.”

“Thanks for doing the course with Joe, he has found it a useful as an additional support while he deals with his health problems and the stress they cause.”

Note: all names have been changed to protect the privacy of the children and families who have trusted us in guiding their children in this important work.

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