Mindfulness to start the school year

The summer holidays are over and the school year has begun. Teenagers are fast becoming acquainted with what is in store for them at school. They are returning to friendships that may have been on-hold as they separated over the holidays, or they may be starting new one’s.

Changes are happening internally as well. Their brains are changing in ways that we adults often mistaken for ‘raging’ hormones. Those ruminations, those emotional outbursts and even the physical reactions are more likely a consequence of the developing teenage brain  than hormones.  But teenagers are also changing physically and for some this is not easy to deal with.

What tools can strengthen their capacity for happiness, self-awareness, confidence and compassion?  Mindfulness tools. Our Mindfulness course for teens 12-14, starts September 14 (Wednesday’s) @ 5:45pm for one hour.

What can Mindfulness do?

Mindfulness can improve self-confidence, and helps teenagers deal with difficult issues through these important, but sometime challenging years, with family, friends and school. In our group program they can learn skills, techniques and practices to help them:

  • feel calmer and happier
  • concentrate better
  • get on better with others
  • cope with stress and anxiety
  • understand how our mind affects our emotions and thoughts
  • respond to situations and difficulties better

This brilliant little video about cultivating mindfulness and awareness was made by an international group of teenagers over the summer.  Enjoy and please share it with your kids and teens.

For more information on the upcoming course or enrollment you can visit the website, contact me directly by commenting on this post, or refer to the poster below.

Mindfulness 12-14Video: Thanks to Mind with Heart charity from the UK for sharing the video.