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Mindfulness Orientation

Ingredients-of-Wellness-Logo---web-optimized---150x154px2017 Parent & Teens Orientation Workshop 



Considering mindfulness classes for your kids or teenager?

Heard a lot about it but still not quite sure what it is?

Leading up to new programs commencing in SeptemberBalance Health in Central will host a Parent and Teen Mindfulness Orientation Workshop on September 4* (book here).

For those who cannot attend in Central we will also conduct an Orientation evening in Discovery Bay on September 5, 7-9 pm. You can register on the Facebook page here or email Angie at to reserve your place.

So come along to find out more and have those burning questions answered.

At the workshop, I will introduce the Mindfulness program, give you a taste of some of the activities we do with the kids and teens and talk about what the research and or experience is telling us about the benefits of mindfulness for young people.

Note: we have changed the start date for all courses to September and new dates for the orientation workshop.

Some praise from our students: 

“What I liked about the course was how the exercises help me not just during class but I can use them all the time & anywhere. I think it (the course) went very well and helped me a lot to calm myself and to give me tips on how to deal with stress.” (female student age 16)

“Mindfulness helps me be more positive and stay healthy & happy.  I enjoyed learning new meditations that helped me cope with my illness.” (male student age 16)

“Different techniques have worked well for me in stressful situations” (female student age 13)

“I am now much better at concentrating and I notice that breathing will make my attention come back.” (Boris age 9)

(for more from our students and parents visit the Praise page)

Orientation Workshop 1: Monday, September 4, 7.00pm to 9.00pm

Location: Balance Health, 2705, 27/F, Universal Trade Centre, 3-5 Arbuthnot Road, Central (booking required)

Orientation Workshop 2: Tuesday, September 5 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Location: Discovery Bay Community Centre – North Plaza, BMSE Studio A

Our Courses: We have courses commencing in Central and Discovery Bay.  Please refer to the Courses page or the flyers on the right-hand side of this page

For enquiries contact Angie on 90485425 or

Courses enrollment forms available here.

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