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Guided Exercises for Students..and more

On this page you’ll find:

Audio guided meditations



Websites & other helpful tools


Various guided exercises for Teenagers: visit this page on Google Drive


Handling Difficult Feelings:  Breath Through This by Eline Snel

Solid as a Rock: Breath Through This by Eline Snel

 Sleep Tight, for Adults and Teenagers: Breathe Through This by Eline Snel (right click on the opened file to download)

Mindful Breathing: The Mindful Teen by Dzong Vo (right click on the opened file to download)

Body Scan (Short): The Mindful Teen by Dzong Vo ((right click on the opened file to download)

The Spaghetti Test: From Sitting Still Like  Frog by Eline Snel (right click on the opened file to download) 



It’s all about the breath……

Dr. Dan Siegel is the author of “Brainstorm: The power and purpose of the teenage brain”.  In this short video he explains some of the changes that occur in the teenage brain, why and how they can often be misunderstood as teenage attitudes.  A worthwhile view for both teens and parents.


JusTme – Don’t Flip Yo’ Lid

Here’s a groovy hip hop artist who is right into mindfulness.

Want some more inspiration?

Check out this blog post – 7 inspiring ideas worth sharing (for teens)


Pixel thought

Having trouble letting go of thoughts or stepping back from them?  Our thoughts can carry us away creating stories about something that happened yesterday, last week, even last year, or with great plans and often worries about our future.  These stories are rarely true and these thoughts do not make us who we are, but when easily get caught up in them.

Taking a mindful breath, moving your attention from these thoughts to your breathing and then simply observing those thoughts like a bus that’s passing by.  Observe from the side of the road and don’t get on the bus, just let it go by.

When it is more difficult to not get on that bus, you might like to try this app:

Simply write your thought in the space provided and watch the screen for 60 seconds.

More app resources

Go to my resources page and scroll down for more apps.


Sometimes things are not going well for us, everything just isn’t going okay. At these times we can ask ourselves a few questions because we often forget stuff. Here is a series of questions you might ask yourself when you’re doing it tough and you’re just not okay.  This was developed by Sinope.  Here is one that was adapted by psychotherapist Catherine Sigit.

everything is awful

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