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Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to things as they happen, to be consciously attentive and present with what is happening.  Being aware of the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, those little (or big) irritations, or tiredness in your mind and body. With mindfulness you can observe how things are right now, not stressing about the past or worrying about the future.

Mindfulness can improve self-confidence, and can help kids deal with difficult issues through these important, but sometimes challenging years, with family and friends. This group program allows teenagers to explore with kindness and curiosity, learning skills, techniques and practices to help them:

  • feel calmer and happier with themselves and others
  • develop better relationships with others
  • understand the workings of the brain and how it affects emotions and thoughts
  • learn strategies and tools to help cope with stress and anxiety when it arises
  • understand their emotions and how they project in the mind and body

In our age specific programs for children and teens, we teach mindfulness through short meditations and breath work, games and activities, movement (yoga), and stories around the theme of each lesson, as well as home activities for the students and other family members.

For more information send me an email, or go straight to our course registration form and email it back to me.

Interested but you would like to know more before committing?  

On September 4 & 5 we will host an Orientation / Information workshop for parents and any teenagers who would like to come along.  For more information on this event visit the Orientation page.

Mindfulness in the press:

Mindfulness exercises and practices are increasingly being used by young people and adults to help them in times of difficulty and stress.  In recent months I have been asked to offer some tips and guidance on bringing mindfulness to daily life with young people.  You can read these articles at the links below:

Youth Mindfulness: Inspiring Young Minds – The Unique Asia Schools Guide, 7th ed

Train your brain with these mindfulness tips to help you stay focused – Youth Post (SCMP) (March 2016)

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