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Welcome! I’m Angie Bucu

I am a certified mindfulness teacher, specialising in teaching children and teenagers, ages 5 to 19.  As a leading certified children’s mindfulness instructor based in Hong Kong, I am actively involved in raising awareness with families and schools, of the benefits young people can experience in learning mindfulness and focused attention training.  Angie is passionate about sharing these practices with young people in their busy and often distracted young lives. Training our attention on the present moment with curiosity, kindness and compassion may be relatively simple but requires well-informed guidance and practice to cultivate positive habits of mind.

I am also delighted to announce that I, and Ingredients of Wellness, is the Asia Coordinating Partner for the Academy for Mindful Teaching and the Method Eline Snel – Mindfulness for Children programs.


The Blog

Completing a Master of Wellness (MWell) entrenched my ambition to research wellness, and with that vision, came the blog.  Ingredients of Wellness has evolved over the years, and although the main focus is now Mindfulness related work, it is still intended to share research, news, articles, experience and knowledge from some of the things in life that bring about wellbeing, positive health and happiness. For more on the blog you can visit the ‘Wellness’ menu.

Mindfulness for children and young people

Ingredients of wellness - childrens mindfulnessWorking as a certified mindfulness teacher with children and teenagers is by far the most rewarding part of my wellness journey. Mindfulness is innate in children (and all of us) but as they grow, as they are bombarded with stuff, technology, busy lives and in many cases over scheduling, they lose the ability to be present, to use their breath to calm themselves, and let go of attachment to something from the past, or something desired in the future. With mindfulness training, we help bring back these innate qualities. Mindfulness equips them, and us, with self-awareness, self-regulation and compassion.

I teach the Method Eline Snel – Mindfulness for Children (also known as Mindfulness Matters! ) program.  In 2017 we were also appointed the Asia Coordinating Partner of the Academy for Mindful Teaching and so begins my journey to teach these wonderful and inspiring programs to others who would like to bring mindfulness to young people.  To find out more about these programs and how they benefit young people, visit the ‘Mindfulness’ menu at the top of the page.

As to why my journey led me here, you can read on below.

Mindbody connections and a whole lot of mindfulness
Ingredients of wellness

My wellness journey began with meditation or at least an attempt to meditate. After many years of learning and practising different forms of meditation I have found that mindfulness, or insight, meditation is what works for me and what I most enjoy. Nonetheless, I turn to guided imagery or guided meditations from time to time.  Diversity leads to balance in my world, and perhaps in yours too….

For two years during this journey (2012 to 2014), I tutored the MindBody Wellness course at RMIT University. This course, available to undergrads and postgrad students, is a comprehensive initiation to the theories, research and practical applications that make up the mindbody connection. This position also led me to a new opportunity; to research the introduction of mindfulness into a school environment through the eyes and experiences of two counsellors at a school in New Zealand. This work is still underway but the preliminary report is available.

The positive impact of the Mindbody Wellness course, especially for the undergraduate students, left an impression.  So many of our students found the course profoundly beneficial for their own wellbeing, with many sharing how this course was the first they had enjoyed in their university lives. Their stories struck a chord and I decided that bringing mindfulness to young people was something I should do.

Freelance writing

Though not a big part of my work presently, I am fortunate and grateful to have been commissioned to write wellness related articles for the integrated health centre, Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI), here in Hong Kong. For some of my other work have a look at the ‘Publications’ section of the menu.

I hope you enjoy exploring the Mindfulness section of the website, and perhaps reading the blog and my articles. If you do, please consider signing up for the monthly newsletter.

Be well, live well and be mindful.


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